Friday, May 28, 2010 #009 VAMP

a black and pink combination
on the back of the shoe a big pink fluffy ribbon
the shoe is cute but at the same time smooth and almost sexy
material used would be black leather and pink velvet strap.
not sure yet about the ribbon material

designed by nanessa

Wednesday, May 26, 2010 #008 Tomorrows Song

indigo-blue silk shoe
black velvet ruffles elegantly around the shoe

maybe red and black and yellow and green combination.

designed by nanessa

#007 SUGAR

light rose colored shoe in plastic
velvet strap with grey ruffles
on top of it a brooch with a beautiful stone
heels in a light grey color

designed by nanessa

#006 Bad Romance

inspired by pinstriped suits.
black and white striped

designed by nanessa


white shoe, leather
swarovski snowflake
laces on the side
grey velvet underneath
rounded peak

maybe also in a light-rose and white combination
big ribbon instead of snowflake

designed by nanessa

#004 Monster

dark violet with blue.
feather pon-pon outside on each shoe. 

designed by nanessa

#003 dragonfly

designed by nanessa

#002 black & yellow

black velvet leather straps around the foot & ankle.
yellow patent leather keep the foot in place
peep toe style

designed by nanessa

#001 black & gold

black patent leather, gold straps.
on top a black mesh fixed on the sides with bold buttons.
the inside of the heel is gold too.

designed by nanessa



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